Demonspell, or, Curse of the Everlasting Relatives
I try to protect my immortal relatives from a demon invasion in Seattle. 
They try to help. But none of us know how to deal with demons. 
As though that isn't enough, a man who wants us out of our home gets himself murdered.
Demonhold, or, Blight of the Deadly Demons
A new wave of demons decides to kidnap one of the elderly relatives and I am the only person equiped to go looking. Oh, wait. A very nice guy is trying to help.

And then there's Charley who specializes in being in the way.

Demonprice, or, Doom of the Penultimate Husband
Despite help from my current boyfriend, my ex-husband manages to add a new twist to my life: a trip to Hell's vestibule.
Charley goes with me. He is either smarter than I realized, or we're both dead.   

Demonfire, or, Charm of the Killing Cousin
A kissing cousin arrives with desperation on his mind and death in his suitcase. 
I make it through this alive, but will Charley?  
Demonbred, or, Decay in the Family Tree
Charley’s search for answers about his past leads me into more danger than I had thought possible. 

Oh, right,  she found us because she followed me home. Maybe she'll live long enough to regret it. Or not.
And here is the finale:

6 – DemonOut 0r Gift from a Body Snatcher

Sunspinners book 6

  When a visitor makes the mistake of befriending bodysnatcher demons, her body is snatched and a demon becomes a clumsy version of the woman. That qualifies it as a human, which is what bodysnatcher demons want to be. It can now live above ground and move into live the life she was living.

However, there is one thing in her life the demon doesn’t want and so it leaves the item on my door step. This leads to so many problems the only solution  anyone can think of is to permanently remove the demons from Seattle. 

Lucky us. It's up to me and Charley and Sam to do the impossible.


And here is a short story about Charley Royal -
Charley Lucky, Romance Writer
When his editor emails to tell Charley westerns are the next best sellers with women, but require the addition of romance and sex, Charley figures, sure, why not? And then he finds out why not.
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Never Rob a Vampire
Sabotaging Zoey
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