featuring the Mudflat characters
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Tarvik and the Trebuchet

A pacifist meets a trebuchet. So do the police. And a witch. All have very different reactions.  
At https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07RX8L8XR

Rock's Bad Night
Mudflat's bad boy takes on a bad job



Rock's Dogs contains 12 stories set in Mudflat. The ebook can be ordered from Kindle,  nook,    ibook,  and Kobo.

And there is a very pretty  paperback available from Amazon.
And the newest Mudflat short story is Xavier's Crown. It features Xavier, a game player who breaks the rules of an on-line game in book 8 of the Mudflat series. He disappears from Seattle and is caught in the fantasy location of the game, unable to return to the real world.
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and also at Barnes&Noble, apple, and Kobo. 


Steampunk Widow
 A long, funny story about a young bride 

who declares war against Death.



Summer of the Cricket
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