November 2021

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And now, the vampires have spread their adventures into a new and different series titled
     Wicked Willie Dean, Novella Book 1
     Never Rob a Vampire, Book 2
     Sabotaging Zoey, Book 3 

Retired Vampire Mysteries, Books 1, 2, 3      
boxed set $6   




The prices for this new series will remain as listed through 2021. After that, the publisher tells me they will be raised. Huh.

This is the series to date but you might also enjoy
a prequel titled Valentine Vampire.

Valentine Vampire  20p  99c

The story 'Valentine Vampire' takes place in Chicago on the night of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre, mixing history with a vampire romance.

I grew up with the story of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre because my grandparents lived one block away from the fatal garage and my grandmother and all the neighbors heard the shots. No one ran out in the street to see what was happening. Chicago residents are smarter than that.







When a conman wants you as the patsy for a crime, you run, right? That’s what I decided. I made it out of Seattle and into the arms of an Otherworld barbarian. Not much improvement there. One aims a gun, the other swings a broadsword. The barbarian’s world is filled with so much terror, it made the conman and his threats look easy.

"...Mudflat series is a supernatural comic romp full of non-stop action, fantastic characters and a hero you’ll love..." RT Book Reviews

The first novel of the Mudflat Magic series won an Eppie for Best Fantasy of the Year.


 I escaped a Seattle killer and landed in an Otherworld of worse disasters, plus a guy. Well, there is always a guy, isn't there? Now he has left his world to follow me back to Seattle where my neighbors have disappeared and a killer stalks me. 


Gotta tell ya, anything called a deathwalker can't be good. Add thieves and dead bodies, and I REALLY need a barbarian to save me....

SPICE and SORCERY, Book 4 

Somebody is trying to get rid of me. My scudzy cuz recites my enemies to me, but he doesn't think any of them are killers. Okay, cuz, there is always a first time.


When my boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend pops up out of nowhere and moves in with us, she brings her own stalker. Don’t ask how she decides to get rid of him. It is way beyond anything I could have imagined.


Last week we were invaded by ghosts, a wild bear, and my boyfriend’s ex. Piece of cake compared to this week.


Knock me on the head and my boyfriend starts polishing his sword. Toss in a series of break-ins and robberies and a missing troll and my problems are just getting started. And then my cousin Jimmy disappeared..


 A kid in the neighborhood started dropping in, any time day or night, to use my computer. Hers quit working and the repair shop can't figure out why. That's small potatoes compared to what's happening now. She has some crazy guy following her and breaking into my house, claiming she stole something of his. The only thing that stands between him and her is my barbarian, naturally.

I know the dangers of swords and guns and black magic, but it took a little neighbor girl who is hooked on gaming to convince me there really is such a thing as death by digital.

All of the Mudflat books work well as standalones. If you enjoy on-line gaming, here is a new take on it.


When thieves crossed paths with our local
mage’s attempt to find a magical solution to climate change, you wouldn’t believe the results. They blew up in my face, literally,  followed by crime and deadly violence.


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Demonspell, or, Curse of the Everlasting Relatives
I try to protect my immortal relatives from a demon invasion in Seattle. 
They try to help. But none of us know how to deal with demons. 
As though that isn't enough, a man who wants us out of our home gets himself murdered.
Demonhold, or, Blight of the Deadly Demons
A new wave of demons decides to kidnap one of the elderly relatives and I am the only person equiped to go looking. Oh, wait. A very nice guy is trying to help.

And then there's Charley who specializes in being in the way.

Demonprice, or, Doom of the Penultimate Husband
Despite help from my current boyfriend, my ex-husband manages to add a new twist to my life: a trip to Hell's vestibule.
Charley goes with me. He is either smarter than I realized, or we're both dead.   

Demonfire, or, Charm of the Killing Cousin
A kissing cousin arrives with desperation on his mind and death in his suitcase. 
I make it through this alive, but will Charley?  
Demonbred, or, Decay in the Family Tree
Charley’s search for answers about his past leads me into more danger than I had thought possible. 

Oh, right,  she found us because she followed me home. Maybe she'll live long enough to regret it. Or not.
And here is the finale:

6 – DemonOut 0r Gift from a Body Snatcher

Sunspinners book 6

  When Makala Gilver makes the mistake of befriending bodysnatcher demons, her body is snatched and a demon becomes a clumsy version of Makala. That qualifies it as a human, which is what bodysnatcher demons want to be. It can now live above ground, move into Makala’s house and live the life she was living.

However, there is one thing in her life the demon doesn’t want and so it leaves the item on my door step. This leads to so many problems the only solution  anyone can think of is to permanently remove the demons from Seattle. 

Lucky us. It's up to me and Charley and Sam to do the impossible.

And a short story about Charley Royal -
Charley Lucky, Romance Writer
When his editor emails to tell Charley westerns are the next best sellers with women, but require the addition of romance and sex, Charley figures, sure, why not? And then he finds out why not.
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featuring the Mudflat characters
Most short stories are available from Amazon, iBooks, and kobo  

Tarvik and the Trebuchet

A pacifist meets a trebuchet. So do the police. And a witch. All have very different reactions.  
At https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07RX8L8XR

Rock's Bad Night
Mudflat's bad boy takes on a bad job



Rock's Dogs contains 12 stories set in Mudflat. The ebook can be ordered from Kindle,  nook,    ibook,  and Kobo.

And there is a very pretty  paperback available from Amazon.
And the newest Mudflat short story is Xavier's Crown. It features Xavier, a game player who breaks the rules of an on-line game in book 8 of the Mudflat series. He disappears from Seattle and is caught in the fantasy location of the game, unable to return to the real world.
This story is available at


and also at Barnes&Noble, apple, and Kobo. 


Steampunk Widow
 A long, funny story about a young bride 

who declares war against Death.



Summer of the Cricket
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