APRIL 2018

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Mudflat Magic Books 4, 5
Includes Spice and Sorcery, Book 4, and Goldilocks Hits Town, Book 5



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Eppie Award winner Tyrant Trouble, first book of the Mudflat Magic series, remains FREE at 
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The Mudflat Magic series is urban fantasy set in Seattle and elsewhere. 
"...Mudflat series is a supernatural comic romp full of non-stop action, fantastic characters and a hero you’ll love..."  RT Book Reviews
The Mudflat Magic novels are available in ebook from Amazon,  nook,  Smashwords, itunes or Kobo
Paperbacks are available from Amazon and Barnes&Noble.

Tyrant Trouble, At the crossroads of Seattle and Otherworld, magic meets mayhem. This first novel, is a FREE ebook on most sites,including: Kindle       
 Welcome to Mayhem, Baby
There is always a guy. This one follows her home from Otherworld and the terror escalates.  Kindle

Barbarian Toy Boy
 Anything called a deathwalker can't be good. Add thieves and dead bodies and a girl really NEEDS a barbarian.   Kindle   

Spice and Sorcery
 Weak magic attracts strong magic, with Claire caught in the middle.  Kindle   

Goldilocks Hits Town
 Claire's household is invaded by the boyfriend's ex, complete with her own stalker.    Kindle

Beastly Week 
 Last week Claire faced ghosts and sorcery and murder. Piece of cake compared to this week. Kindle

Jimmyed Coffin
Claire thought muggers, thieves, and graverobbers were trouble enough. And then Jimmy disappeared...     Kindle 

Crown Yourself Dead  
 Death by digital? Is that possible?   kindle         paperback 

Mudflat Magic, Books 1,2,3 

Are you a newcomer to Mudflat? Read the first one free, as mentioned at the top of this section. If you love it, the boxed sets contain the complete novels listed at a price savings. 

Mudflat Magic Books 1,2,3 is a 3 book boxed set that includes Tyrant Trouble, Welcome to Mayhem, Baby, and Barbarian Toy Boy in one large paperback  from Amazon. Ebooks from 


Mudflat Magic Books 4,5 is a 2 book boxed setthat includes Spice and Sorcery and Goldilocks Hits Town Ebooks from iBooks     Kobo       Amazon  

paperback from Amazon 



 Demonspell, or Curse of the Everlasting Relatives
Elaine Royal tries to protect her immortal relatives from a demon invasion in Seattle. She once wanted a normal life, a marriage, a home where she could entertain friends. After two failed marriages, now all she wants is to survive.     Kindle 

 Demonhold, or Blight of the Deadly Demons
A new wave of demons decides to kidnap one of the elderly relatives. Guess who has to figure out how to save him.       Kindle

Demonprice, or Doom of the Penultimate Husband
Despite help from her current boyfriend, Elaine's ex- husband manages to add a new twist to her life: a trip to Hell's vestibule.      Kindle

  Demonfire, or Charm of the Killing Cousin
When a kissing cousin needs cash,  Elaine chases demons. Not by choice.    Kindle

Demonbred or Decay in the Family Tree  

The Sunspinners novels are available in ebook from Amazon,  nook,  Smashwords, itunes or Kobo
Paperbacks are available from Amazon and Barnes&Noble.

Boxed sets:
Sunspinners 1, 2
Demonspell and Demonhold
Sunspinners 3, 4 Demonprice and Demonfire  Kindle



  Paperbacks can be ordered from Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Dark Quest. Ebook links are listed here.

 Vampire Career "A newbie vampire..."      Kindle    iTunes  Nook 
Vampire Disaster  "A ghastly stalker..."     Kindle  iTunes  Nook 

 Vampire Escape  "A deadly hunter..."      Kindle   iTunes  Nook 

Vampire Lust  "A fatal secret..."             Kindle    ibooks,   nook     

 ______________Boxed editions:______________________
Turning Vampire 1,2 
 ebook contains the first two novels of the series.  nook   ibook   kobo  kindle    It is also available in paperback at Amazon

Turning Vampire 3,4
 ebook contains the last two novels of the series. 
Kobo        Amazon 
nook   itunes 


Urban Fantasy SHORT STORIES    

Lorna Doomed  Amazon  
Rock's Bad Night Amazon

Handsome Harold FREE at  Kobo  nook   ibooks

Valentine Vampire FREE at  nook  Kobo  
Steampunk Widow  Amazon 

 SHORT STORIES - Anthologies
Wicked Good Stories is available as a paperback from Amazon or Barnes&Noble,
  and as an ebook for Kindle or nook or Apple ibook. Many of the stories were previously published in magazines and anthologies and include tales of the Mudflat neighbors, plus vampires, ghosts, zombies, an apocalypse, and other surprises that we genuinely hope never arrive in Mudflat.

Rock's Dogs is an anthology of short stories featuring the Mudflat characters, and is available in ebook and paperback. Here are the ebook links. Kindle    nook,    ibook,     Kobo And the very pretty  Paperback.


Tales of Lovers and Liars   Kindle

Summer of the Cricket  Amazon 
itunes    kobo