Most short stories are available from Amazon, iBooks,  kobo  
Rock's Bad Night
Mudflat's bad boy takes on a bad job

Lorna Doomed
A tale for Halloween


Steampunk Widow 
 A long, funny story about
 a young bride who 
declares war against Death.


ANTHOLOGIES of short stories -
Wicked Good Stories is available as a paperback from Amazon or Barnes&Noble, and as an ebook from Kindle, nook, or ibook. Many of the stories were previously published in magazines.  This anthology includes tales of the Mudflat neighbors, plus vampires, ghosts, zombies, an apocalypse, and other surprises.

Rock's Dog's contains 12 stories set in Mudflat. The ebook can be ordered from Kindle,  nook,    ibook,  and Kobo.  

And there is a very pretty  paperback available from Amazon.


Tales of Lovers and Liars  
on Kindle


Summer of the Cricket
on Amazon, itunes,  kobo