JULY 2017

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Summer Reads are free short stories that meander from one genre to the next, including steampunk, urban fantasy, romantic suspense, and some love stories that may or may not have HEAs. The current story is The Sweetest Boyfriend.

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The June short story is Steampunk Man.

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Chapters 1 and 2 of Vampire Career.


Vampire Career, first novel in the Turning Vampire series, is currently 99c at Kindle and Kobo.


 And if you are an historical romance fan, here are a couple of $3.99 novels marked down this month to $2.99.

 Regency Romance


Historical Romance




4-10 Beach Reads
11-17 Sci-Fi
18-24 Historical Romances

25-31 New Adult

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Eppie Award winner Tyrant Trouble remains FREE at 

Newcomers to Mudflat, read the first book, Tyrant Trouble, free.  If you love it, the boxed sets contain the complete novels listed at a price savings.   Links to the books are in the next section down. 

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