Demonspell, or, Curse of the Everlasting Relatives

Elaine Royal tries to protect her immortal relatives from a demon invasion in Seattle. She once wanted a normal life, a marriage and a home where she could entertain friends. After two failed marriages, now all she wants is to survive.     


Demonhold, or, Blight of the Deadly Demons
A new wave of demons decides to kidnap one of the elderly relatives.

Demonprice, or, Doom of the Penultimate Husband
Despite help from her current boyfriend, Elaine's ex-husband manages to add a new twist to her life: a trip to Hell's vestibule.   

Demonfire, or, Charm of the Killing Cousin

A kissing cousin arrives with death in his suitcase.    


Demonbred, or, Decay in the Family Tree  
Elaine knows she must save her family, but how?

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Boxed sets:
Sunspinners 1, 2 Demonspell and Demonhold  
Sunspinners 3, 4 Demonprice and Demonfire