The Mudflat Magic series is urban fantasy set in Seattle and elsewhere. 
"...Mudflat series is a supernatural comic romp full of non-stop action, fantastic characters and a hero you’ll love..."  RT Book Reviews
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Tyrant Troubl
At the crossroads of Seattle and Otherworld, magic meets mayhem. This first novel, is a FREE ebook on most sites,including: Kindle  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B007Z3QWN4

Welcome to Mayhem, Baby
 There is always a guy. This one follows Claire home from Otherworld and the terror escalates.

Barbarian Toy Boy
 Anything called a deathwalker can't be good. Add thieves and dead bodies and a girl really NEEDS a barbarian.    

Spice and Sorcery
 Weak magic attracts strong magic, with Claire caught in the middle.    

Goldilocks Hits Town
 Claire's household is invaded by the boyfriend's ex, complete with her own stalker.    

Beastly Week 
 Last week Claire faced ghosts and sorcery and murder. Piece of cake compared to this week.

Jimmyed Coffin
Claire thought muggers, thieves, and graverobbers were trouble enough. And then Jimmy disappeared...   

Crown Yourself Dead  
 Death by digital? Is that possible? 

Boxed sets:        
The boxed sets contain the complete novels listed at a price savings. 
Mudflat Magic Books 1,2,3 is a 3 book boxed set that includes Tyrant Trouble, Welcome to Mayhem, Baby, and Barbarian Toy Boy in ebook and paperback from Amazon and in  ebook from iBooks and Kobo. 
Mudflat Magic Books 4, 5 is a 2 book boxed set that includes Spice and Sorcery and Goldilocks Hits Town 
 Ebooks from iBooks, Kobo, Amazon 
Paperback from Amazon

  Mudflat Magic Books 6, 7 is a 2 book boxed set that includes Beastly Week and Jimmyed Coffin.
 Ebooks from iBooks, Kobo, Amazon